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Vancouver TEFL Course Requirements

Admission Requirements

We have both Canadian and international students who enroll in our TEFL TESOL Program. Students of The Canadian College of Linguistics must meet the following requirements in order to be admitted into the TEFL Course in Vancouver:

1) Be 18 years of age or older
2) Hold a high-school diploma
3) Have upper-intermediate to advanced English speaking skills (at the discretion of the college and its instructors)
4) Be open minded to people from different cultures

If you meet all of these requirements, tefl-tesol-certification-vancouver-course

Requirements for TEFL Certification

Students of The Canadian College of Linguistics TEFL course will be granted TEFL TESOL Certification based on the following criteria:

1) Full classroom attendance
2) Classroom participation
3) Understanding the course material
4) Successful completion of three in-class practicums
5) Final practicum evaluation

If students fulfill all of the course requirements, TEFL TESOL Certification will be granted on the final day of class. tesol-tefl-course-vancouver-certification