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Vancouver TEFL Course: Textbooks, Instructors & Campus

Vancouver TEFL Course Textbooks

The Canadian College of Linguistics TEFL course in Vancouver uses three comprehensive course books that provide students with an extensive range of resources for teaching English abroad, or at home.

How to Teach English by Jeremy Harmer is a practical guide for teachers who are at an early stage in their careers and for those who are studying for TEFL TESOL Certification. This new edition has been fully revised to reflect recent methodological developments and includes:

  • a DVD with clips from actual classes demonstrating good teaching practice
  • a comprehensive glossary of teaching terminology
  • chapters on how to teach reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • a task File of photocopiable training tasks

tefl-tesol-vancouverWatch Jeremy Harmer talk about the New Edition of “How to Teach English”


The Canadian Language Benchmarks text was developed by the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks in partnership with Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and is the Government of Canada’s national standard for evaluating the English skills of newcomers to our country.  No TEFL TESOL Certification Course is complete without this indispensable tool for teaching English as a second language, teaching English as a foreign language, or teaching English to speakers of other languages. This edition includes:

  • easy to follow assessment guidelines to determine students’ English abilities
  • clear indicators that show when a student is ready to move to the next level
  • example tasks and activities to help create effective English lessons
  • objective student achievement reports
  • downloadable assessment tests and forms



The Canadian College of Linguistics Student Manual is a well-thought out book that provides real world ESL resources that are necessary for teachers to succeed in the ESL classroom.  This manual has been developed to reflect the practical aspects of teaching English as a second language and includes:


  • real world ESL classroom lessons and lesson plan templates
  • real world ESL activities and exercises
  • an extensive chapter on teaching pronunciation
  • a catalogue of fun grammar activities and games
  • ESL resume building strategies
  • ESL job interview techniques
  • ESL teaching contract negotiation tips
  • key information to help prepare for travelling abroad
  • and more…

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Vancouver TEFL Course Instructors

Our Vancouver TEFL course instructors are highly qualified teachers who have extensive experience with learning and teaching languages. They are skilled in the ESL and the TEFL TESOL fields, and also have expertise in related fields as well.  Throughout their careers they have taught teachers and students from Canada, America, Japan, Korea, China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Russia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Burundi, South Africa, Nigeria, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil and more.

As a result, our instructors are able to pass their experiences on to our TEFL TESOL course students.  Our instructors thoroughly prepare students for not only the theoretical and academic aspects of teaching English as a second language, but for teaching English in the real world as well.  They can provide invaluable insights about English accents, classroom behaviour,  different nationalities, travel, and the benefits and pitfalls of teaching.  Their real life stories about teaching English abroad are sometimes funny, sometimes interesting, but most of all, they are something that no course textbook could ever teach.

tefl-course-vancouverJ.D. comes from an academic and literary background.  He studied English and Philosophy at university, and has been a professional poet since 1992.  His poems have been published in books with great Canadian writers like Margaret Atwood, Leonard Cohen and bill bissett (yes, bill spells his name in the lower case).  He has lectured on poetry topics in high school and univeristy classrooms, and has taught ESL and TEFL TESOL for many years.  He has taught in the Middle East, Asia and North America.  Now he devotes his time to training new ESL teachers at The Canadian College of Linguistics, and we are lucky to have him as a member of our team.

tesol-certification-vancouver Yukiko comes from Japan, and has recently immigrated to Canada.  The Canadian College of Linguistics recognized her exceptional teaching abilities and asked her if she would come on board to teach lessons at the college. Fortunately for us, she said yes.  She has advanced training in how to teach languages, and has taught extensively in Canada and Japan.  Gracious and fun, Yukiko is a perfect addition to our faculty.

tesol-course-vancouverOcean, after working as a lawyer in Toronto for years, decided to pursue a much different lifestyle of teaching, writing and travelling. He has travelled and taught extensively throughout India, the Pacific Rim, and most recently in South America, and has published both a book of poetry and two photographic compilations that catalogue his travel experiences. Apart from offering his expertise in language, Ocean also offers a great deal of practical advice about different cultures.

tefl-tesol-vancouverKaren joined The Canadian College of Linguistics team in the summer of 2009, and she quickly became well respected by both faculty and students.  She prides herself on being knowledgeable and well prepared, and this is evident in everything she does. Her wild sense of humour adds an element of surprise whenever she is around, and this makes spending time with her exciting and entertaining.  She is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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TEFL Course – Vancouver Campus, Classroom & Location

Our modern downtown Vancouver campus is located beside Harbour Centre,
and is only a short walk from Waterfront Station.



Spacious and comfortable, our space offers a student lounge, a well-equipped kitchen and a dedicated TEFL TESOL classroom, all with 12 foot ceilings.




Large windows throughout the space oversee Gastown, Harbour Centre and offer great views of the Northshore Mountains.

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