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United Arab Emirates

The UAE has established itself as a cosmopolitan group of territories with a culture that appeals to many ESL teachers. The knowledge of English is an important skill for many Emirati due its prominence in the modern international business world. The public school system in the UAE incorporates ESL education into its curricula; therefore, it is not uncommon for ESL teachers to find positions in public schools or in compounds throughout the emirates.

Requirements : Bachelor Degree and The Canadian College of Linguistics’ TEFL/TESOL Certificate
Typical Contract : One to two years
Peak Hiring Season : Year round
Teaching Hours/Week : 20 – 25
Monthly Salary* : 11,000 – 14,000 AED
Private Tutoring : 100 – 200 AED/hr
Cost of Living : Cost of a Big Mac = 11 AED
Income Tax : 0%
Accommodations : Usually included or housing allowance
Airfare : Usually included
Health Care : Usually included
Holidays : Usually paid
Visa : Employer assisted
Important Notes :  

  • Preference given to males.
  • Postgraduate degree and previous ESL teaching experience may be required.
  • Experience preferred.


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