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Our ONLINE English Slang and Idioms Course can help you speak and understand English better.

The Canadian College of Linguistics offers professional online English classes for English slang & idioms as well as speaking & pronunciation, where students speak face-to-face with an experienced Canadian teacher. English language learners from around the world enjoy learning real life Idioms and slang from the comfort of their own home or workplace with a professional native-English speaking teacher in small group tutorials online. Students no longer need to spend time travelling to and from campus or travelling to Canada to learn from expert Canadian teachers. Instead, they can spend their time wisely in an online class focusing their energy on improving their English for personal or professional reasons. Our online English classes are for everyone who wishes to sound more like a native-English speaker with correct pronunciation and the knowledge to understand and use English with native-like abilities.

ONLINE English Slang and Idioms Classes: Vancouver


Can I take this class if I am a beginner?
No. The Online English Idioms & Slang Class is reserved for intermediate and advanced level students.

Can I take this class if I am advanced?
Yes. Advanced and intermediate students of English will learn 10 idioms and slang expressions each lesson, and they will be taught the rules of natural-sounding English at the same time.

What are the requirements to take the classes?
All students must have at least a basic understanding of some English idioms and expressions and an intermediate ability for speaking and listening. Our “English Only” policy ensures that you will learn faster by being immersed in English during each lesson.

How fast can I improve my use of idioms and expressions?
Students can improve their English vocabulary through idioms a lot in one month. Our teachers know exactly which items to teach to help you use your English like a native-English speaker. The more time you spend with your teacher, the sooner you will start sounding like a native-English speaker.

Vancouver ONLINE English Slang and Idioms Classes: Vancouver Fees

The Online Slang & Idioms Class focuses on both North American Idioms and correct English pronunciation. First of all, our students learn and understand how to use English idioms such as “it’s like the blind leading the blind” and “he’s got a good head on his shoulders” through dialogue lessons. Each dialogue lesson contains approximately ten English idioms within the context of a conversation between two or three native-English speakers. Each student receives practice worksheets and a digital recording of the conversation that they can listen to in order to reduce their accent and practice speaking like a native-English speaker. Each dialogue has the native-English sounds written directly on the sheet so that students can see the natural sounds of English as they listen to them. The student also learns the rules of pronunciation that are used in each dialogue so that they can better understand why native-English speakers talk the way they do. Simply put, this is a wonderful course for expanding vocabulary through idioms as well as perfecting English pronunciation.

ONLINE English Slang and Idioms Program
Duration : Month-to-Month (Join Anytime)
Time : Morning, Afternoon or Evening
Days : Monday – Friday
Level : Intermediate to Advanced
Tuition Fees :
Small Group Class of 4: $450 – 16 hours of lessons
Materials Fees : Included

*Prices & class times subject to change without notice.


How to Pay:

The Canadian College of Linguistics makes it easy for you to pay for your English Pronunciation Class by providing 3 simple payment options:

1) Pay with cash.
2) Pay by certified cheque, money order or bank draft.
3) Pay by credit card or Paypal by clicking the “Pay Now” tab. We accept Visa, Mastercard & American Express.

Refund Policy: Payments cannot be refunded for this class.

Vancouver ONLINE English Slang and Idioms Classes: Vancouver Dates

Start Dates
All English students who wish to have native English speaking abilities can join this English Slang and Idioms Course in Vancouver at any time (space permitting).


Vancouver ONLINE English Slang and Idioms Classes: Vancouver Outline

The Canadian College of Linguistics offers one of the best English Slang and Idioms Classes in Vancouver, which is designed to help students use Canadian slang and idioms naturally. The Course helps non-native English speakers develop excellent use of slang and idioms through a variety of activities such as games and role-plays. Students will also learn the top English slang and idioms to help them improve their communication in English.

Our system requires small classes, and therefore allows students to have more time with their teacher. This small-group tutorial class helps students learn better and faster. Whether it is the Online English Slang & Idioms Course or the Online Speaking & Pronunciation Course, the teacher records each student’s speaking at least once per month in order to identify the key elements that will help you improve in the first month of class. This digital recording is given to the student so that they can listen to themselves speaking English whenever they like in order to practice and improve their individual mistakes. The students also receive a recording of the teacher saying the same dialogue as the student. This way, the student has a model of the correct English that they can compare to their own English to notice where they can improve. For these reasons, students who take the Online English Slang & Idioms Class or the Online Speaking & Pronunciation Class improve their English much faster than in other types of classes because they have the opportunity to speak face-to-face with an experienced native-English speaking teacher who provides a wonderful model of correct English pronunciation and use.

ONLINE English Slang and Idioms Course Outline
  • Learn 10 slang expressions and idioms in each lesson.
  • Master your understanding & use of conversational English idioms through fun games and assignments.
  • Perfect your spoken English through idioms dialogues
  • Listen to recordings of yourself using the idioms
  • After completing all 13 units, you will have learnd over 140 idioms and slang expressions
  • Monthly Speaking Assessments with valuable feedback provided by your Canadian teacher

There are many wonderful benefits for students who join the Canadian College of Linguistics’ online English classes. Students no longer need to go to a classroom in Canada to learn from an experienced Canadian teacher. They can have convenient face-to-face lessons online from anywhere in the world. The Online English Slang & Idioms lessons and Online Speaking & Pronunciation lessons are very high quality and use Canadian university and college materials that our teachers tailor to personalise each class for their students. Our successful teachers provide students with professional and valuable feedback about their English and also with recordings of the students speaking. If you have never heard yourself speaking English, and you have never had a private Canadian teacher to help guide your English, the Canadian College of Linguistics is happy to present to you the Online Slang & Idioms Course and the Online Speaking & Pronunciation Course. You’ll be happy you joined.


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